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Welcome to the property management blog by Lagrange Lairet Boutique Real Estate

Welcome to the property management blog by Lagrange Lairet Boutique Real Estate

Welcome to the property management blog by Lagrange Lairet Boutique Real Estate

A space specifically created for Landlords, Tenants and the general public, where everyone will be able to find a variety of property management articles, market updates, tips and all kind of relevant information related to our Australian Real Estate market.


We are an Australian Boutique Real Estate agency, with a small property portfolio, proudly managed with care by their owners, who are dedicated to offering highly personalized and affordable property management services in Sydney NSW Australia.

Our story

We decided to run this agency after finding our main purpose while working in the real estate industry.

Our Purpose

Our purpose and mantra is very simple but meaningful for us, to deliver inspiring rental home experiences that get the best out of people, to make our world a better place for all of us, and we really like doing this with care and attention to detail, building human relationships along the way, one client at a time, one home at a time:)

Homes full of positive elements that provide an exciting and safe place to live.

Homes where people can be their very best version.

Homes where people can dream, and go after achieving all kinds of new adventures and goals they really want in life.

Homes where people can have fun, celebrate and share the beauty of life with their loved ones.

Our beliefs

We truly believe everyone, and everything benefits from delivering Inspiring rental home experiences where everyone involved feels excited, optimistic, and fulfilled; from our amazing landlords and caring tenants, to us, and all our maintenance team and contractors, neighbours, the general public and finally but not less important, the environment.

In fact we know that delivering inspiring homes is a key foundation for incredible individuals, families and societies that make this world a better place for all of us, and that’s why we are passionately committed to work and contribute towards this.

Our vision

We are enthusiastic about the future, because since the conception of this project, we have been in constant evolution and that is why we know we will keep growing as long as there is imagination, space and opportunities to explore, develop and materialize any real estate project.

Who is behind Lagrange Lairet Boutique Real Estate?

llbre agent

Luis Lagrange

Registered Class 1 Agent and Licensee in Charge # 20271062

"A dreamer and a materializer too. Very philosophical about life in general, mindful of my own history, and love doing things and working with meaningful purposes aligned with positive human values. Very excited about doing vision boards, life goals, planning, and budgeting. Family orientated. A dog lover. A music and food lover. A people person by nature."

Lastly to finish our very first blog post, we really want to thank everyone who, in one way or another, contributed with us to be here; to our amazing landlords, caring tenants, professional team and contractors, collaborators, our unconditional families and friends, big thank you for all your invaluable contributions.

Ps. If you love the Australian real estate industry as much as we do stay tuned and follow us on facebook and instagram and If you are located around Sydney and want to connect in person to know more about us and this exciting project we are working on, let us know, we can always find time for a good coffee, brunch or lunch :D just contact us and say hello with your favourite dish/drink and let us invite you! Promised!

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