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Inspiring Rental Home Formula = Caring Landlords + Caring Tenants + Caring Property Managers

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Delivering inspiring rental home experiences request hard work, financial resources and attention to detail from everyone involved, but there is one factor that we consider is crucial in to achieve such inspiring experience, the CARE factor, which in a brief formula results: Inspiring Rental Homes Experiences = Caring Landlords + Caring Tenants + Caring Property Managers :)

What’s a positive and inspiring rental home experience and how do you recognise it?

Well a positive and inspiring rental home experience, it's very easy to recognise, because everyone involved, from landlords to tenants, and everyone in between, feels right, excited, optimistic and fulfilled :)

What’s the purpose of delivering an inspiring rental home experience?

The purpose is to get the best out of everyone involved in the delivery of an inspiring rental home experience and in this way, contribute to make our world a better place for all.

Who are the parties involved that benefit from delivering such an inspiring rental home experience and why this matter?

Everyone benefits from an inspiring rental home experience, from landlords to tenants and everyone in between, neighbours, property service professionals, the general community and even the environment.

Tenants benefit as they are the ultimate users, the ones that by receiving such an inspiring home full of positive elements, can really enjoy having an exciting and safe place to live, where they can be their very best version. They can also keep dreaming, and going after achieving all kinds of new adventures and goals they really want in life, have fun, celebrate and share the beauty of life with their loved ones. An inspiring rental home experience is definitely very beneficial for all tenants.

Landlords benefit because delivering inspiring rental home experiences increases the chances of attracting the best tenants, at the right rental price, also making them fall in love with their rental home, usually meaning, having tenants who care more, are easy to deal with, pay rent on time, notify maintenance requests in a timely manner before any issue becomes a bigger problem, stay for longer term periods, reducing then vacancy rates and other related costs associated to advertising and leasing fees, rent arrears, exposure to risk and any other potential liabilities.

At Lagrange Lairet Boutique Real Estate we truly believe that delivering inspiring homes, is a key foundation for incredible individuals, families and societies that make this world a better place, and that’s why we are so passionately committed to contribute towards this.

Would you like to know more about how to deliver inspiring rental home experiences? follow us on social media, and If you are located around Sydney and want to connect in person, just let us know, we can always find time for a good coffee, brunch or lunch :D just contact us and say hello with your favourite dish/drink and let us invite you! Promised!


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