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How to Clean a Rental Property for Routine and End-of-Lease Inspections?

Routine inspections of rental properties can cause stress for tenants, but they serve an important purpose for landlords. These inspections allow landlords to assess the condition of their property and identify any maintenance or repair needs. While the level of cleanliness required for an inspection may vary depending on the landlord's preferences, ensuring that your rental home is well-maintained and presentable is crucial.

This blog will provide you with detailed guidance on “How to clean a rental property” for routine and end-of-lease inspections.

Understanding the Purpose of a Rental Property Inspection

Before diving into the cleaning process, it's essential to understand why landlords conduct routine inspections. These inspections have two primary objectives: to examine the condition of the property and to identify any repair or maintenance needs.

Landlords have invested in the property and want to ensure that it is being well taken care of by the tenants. Additionally, inspections allow tenants to raise concerns about any structural issues or maintenance problems they have encountered during their stay.

The Rental Inspection Checklist

A rental inspection checklist is a document that landlords or property managers refer to when assessing the property's current condition. It includes an inventory of items in the property and documents its state before the tenant moved in.

Let's now explore the key areas you must focus on during the final inspection cleaning process to impress your landlord.


Start by removing dust and cobwebs from ceiling fans, light fixtures, and wall hangings. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the top surfaces of wardrobes, shelves, and cabinets. Clean windows with a glass cleaner and wipe down blinds and curtains.

Organise the contents of your cabinets and vacuum carpets thoroughly, especially if you have pets. Change the sheets, deodorise the room with potpourri scented with your favourite essential oil, and clean the sliding door tracks to ensure they slide smoothly.


Ensure your bathroom is sparkling clean and free from any unpleasant odours. Remove dust and grime from exhaust fans using a soft-bristled brush or a microfiber cloth. Scrub off any mould and mildew on bathroom tiles, grout, showerheads, and sinks.

Use a cleaning solution to dissolve soap scum and mineral deposits on shower screens and bathtubs, and scrub away any stubborn grime. Polish the bathroom mirror using a glass cleaner for a streak-free finish. Declutter the sink area and disinfect the toilet bowl using a toilet cleaner. Finally, mop the floor to remove any stains or spills.

Living Room:

The living room is a central space in your home and should be welcoming and clutter-free for the inspection. Remove cobwebs and dust from ceiling fans, light fixtures, and corners. Throw away any rubbish and clear clutter from furniture such as papers or magazines.

Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the couch and carpet, removing dust or debris. For a tidy appearance, mop the floor to eliminate stains or spills and organise books and decorative items on shelves.


The cleanliness of your kitchen can make a significant impact during the inspection. Start by throwing out any food scraps or empty containers from the countertops. Wash dishes and kitchen towels and neatly arrange them in one kitchen corner. Declutter cupboards and drawers by removing unnecessary items to create more space.

Organise items in the pantry, such as canned food, beverage bottles, and cereal boxes. Scrub off any oil splatters and grime from walls and kitchen appliances. Degrease the range hood using a damp cloth and a detergent solution. Ensure that drains are clear and wipe off any mineral deposits or water droplets from sinks and faucets. End by mopping the floor to remove any stains on the floor.

Laundry Area:

A tidy, clean laundry area can impress your landlord and showcase your maintenance efforts. Start by ventilating the area to allow air circulation. Wash any dirty laundry prior to the inspection, and if you're pressed for time, gather used clothes in a hamper to keep things tidy and organised. Set your washing machine to self-cleaning mode to remove any mould or mildew build-up.

Declutter drawers and shelves by throwing away empty soap packets or detergent bottles. Wipe windows and clean walls to remove any grime or dust. Finally, vacuum any dust or spilled soap powder on the floor for a fresh and clean look.

Yard and Outdoor Areas:

The condition of your outdoor areas, such as the patio and lawn, can create a strong first impression for your landlord. Sweep the patio floor to remove dried leaves and other debris. Mop away any stains or dirt to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Remove cobwebs and dust from the porch and outdoor furniture. Take the time to remove weeds from the garden and dispose of dried leaves in the rubbish bin. Finally, ensure no pet waste is on the lawn, as cleanliness also extends to the outdoor areas.

Pass the Inspection with Flying Colors:

While the level of cleanliness required may vary between landlords, it's always best to strive for a well-maintained and presentable rental property. If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about meeting the standards, consider hiring professional cleaners who can provide a deep cleaning service and ensure your property meets industry standards.

Professional cleaners have the expertise and tools to freshen up your home, leaving it tidy, organised, and ready for inspection. This can alleviate your stress and boost your confidence during the inspection process.

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Wrap Up!

Preparing your rental property for inspection requires keen attention to detail and thorough cleaning. Focusing on key areas such as the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, laundry area, and outdoor spaces can create a positive impression and increase your chances of a successful inspection. Remember, maintaining a clean and well-maintained rental property benefits your relationship with the landlord and contributes to your overall living experience. Also, to rid yourself of the hassle of managing all of this yourself, you can simply hire a good property management company like Lagrange Lairet Boutique Real Estate. We will handle the entire process of cleaning for you while you focus on other important aspects of house shifting. Get in touch to learn more!

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