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How property managers find the best quotes for maintenance, repairs and renovation works

Over time, as property managers we usually built a trusted network of contractors while handling multiple maintenance, repairs and renovation works of our portfolios. Here's how we typically find the best quotes for our investors:

Contractor Relationships: We cultivate relationships with reliable contractors over time. We often have a roster of trusted professionals who provide quality work at competitive prices. These relationships are built on trust, reliability, and the contractor’s ability to consistently deliver a good service.

Requesting Multiple Quotes: We typically request quotes from several contractors for any maintenance, repair or renovation job. By comparing multiple quotes of any particular trade, we can ensure we are getting a fair price and the best value for our property owners.

Contractor Screening: As Property managers we vet vendors and contractors before working with them. We look for professionals who are licensed, insured, and have a good reputation for quality work. This helps ensure that the maintenance work will be done properly and up to standard.

Negotiation: As we manage a different volume of work than a regular person, we leverage and negotiate with our contractors to get better pricing, especially for larger or ongoing maintenance contracts.

Utilizing Property Management Software: We use specialized software that helps streamline the maintenance request process. These platforms often have built-in features to request quotes from vendors and compare pricing efficiently.

Local Knowledge: As local Property managers, we are familiar with local market rates for maintenance, repair and renovation works. This knowledge allows us to assess whether a quote is reasonable and competitive based on the specific location of the property.

Monitoring Contractor’s Performance: We keep track of all contractors performance by paying attention to factors such as response time, quality of work, and pricing consistency. This ongoing evaluation helps them maintain relationships with the best contractors.

Long-Term Relationships: We prioritize building long-term relationships with contractors who consistently provide good service. This can lead to better pricing and more reliable service for our properties.Referrals and Recommendations: We often rely on referrals and recommendations from other industry professionals or colleagues when seeking new vendors or contractors. A recommendation from a trusted source can carry a lot of weight.

Staying Informed: As Property managers we stay informed about industry trends and best practices. This knowledge helps us make informed decisions when selecting vendors and negotiating maintenance or renovation contracts.

By leveraging our network, industry knowledge, and negotiation skills, we as property managers can effectively find the best maintenance, repairs and renovation quotes for our property portfolios. This ultimately benefits property owners by ensuring that the works are done efficiently and cost-effectively.

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